The FuLe International Soda Firing Ceramics Festival is hosted by Fuping Pottery Art Village (FPAV) and the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association (ICMEA). It is also co-sponsored by Xixian International Culture and Educational Park (XICEP) and the Shangyu Celadon Ceramic Center (Shangyuqing). The goal is to set up a platform for the soda-firing practioners and lovers worldwide sharing their skills, techniques, experience, and having a better chance to show the charm of soda-fired pottery. The program includes:

I. Exhibitions of Soda Firing Ceramics:
1. Soda Firing Study Camp Exhibition: There will be two Study Camps in August. Each one will accept about 20 students. By the end of second Camp, the Festival will have a selection of all the art works produced from camps and have an exhibition.
2. International Soda Firing Ceramics Exhibition and Competition: application period is from April 1st to end of June 2017. Artists from all over the world are welcome to participate. Application form will be available on the website Each application can submit three pieces of soda-fired work. The ICMEA (International Ceramic magazine Editors Association) will have a team set up to select five winners, including three prize+residency winners and two residency winners. The First Prize is CNY2000; Second is CNY1000; Third is CNY500. The residency promised will be in 2018 (the exact date will be announced later) and all the awarded artists are expected to come at the same time and work together. The residency covers the accommodation and meals but not the travel. Working space and basic materials and facilities will be prepared by FPAV. An exhibition will be held at FPAV and also in downtown Xian Dao Artspace Gallery. If the qualified applications are less than 50, this Exhibition and Competition will be canceled.
3. Workshops and Invited Artists’ Exhibition: At least three workshops will be held during the festival. Each will accept 8~10 people to attend. The selected art pieces from the workshops and those made by the invited artists during their stay will be exhibited in FPAV from Sept 24th to Oct 5th, then moved to Dao Artspace Gallery in Downtown, Xian and showed for one month. All the exhibit are available for sale unless otherwise specified. The artists and FPAV/Dao Artspace Gallery will share the sales income in agreed proportions.

II. Activities of the Invited Soda Firing Experts 3~5 soda firing masters will be invited. During September 4 to 30, 2017, they will work in FPAV studio, give lectures, demonstrations, and run the workshop. They will also take a trip to visit Shangyu Celodon Art Center near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

III. Workshops:
Jack Dohery, Julia Galloway and Gail Nichols will run workshops respectively during Sept 8th to 29th 2017. Application will start from April 1st, 2017 and is open to ceramic artists worldwide. Soda firing experience is preferred. ICMEA editors will select the applications if necessary. The workshops will be conducted in English only. The art work from the workshops will be selected for exhibition and the rest are allowed for sale in the ceramic market. The artists are encouraged to donate at least one work to the Festival, which will be exhibited in FLICAM’s soda firing conner.

IV. Ceramic Market
A ceramic market will be open during Sept 18 to October 14, 2017. Soda firing artists can rent a booth to sell their works. On the closing day, the Festival office will announce the volumn of the sale of each booth and the top one will get a plaque as an encouragement. Artists are welcome to bring their own marketing or promotional materials.

2017 Fu Le International Soda Firing Ceramics Festival Program

Sep 4 Check in at Fuping Pottery Art Village Soda firing workshops held by Invited artists: start to prepare clay bodies (artists may bring
their own clay bodies if preferred)
Sep 11 Soda firing workshops: Biscuit firing, if necessary
Sep 14~17 The invited artists & related FPAV staff visit Shangyu Celadon Art Center for Soda Firing Demo and Panel
Sep 18 Master class: Lectures and demonstration Ceramic Market opening
Sep 25 Opening Ceremony Masters Lectures and exhibitions, Workshop exhibition,
Sep 28 XICEP Demo/Kiln Opening; Market at XICEP
Sep 29 Closing Ceremony and Farewell dinner (Exhibitions continue in FPAV and in Downtown Xian, FPAV’s Dao Artspace Gallery)
Sep 30 Visitors going home
Oct 15 All exhibitions and Market are closing.